A leaky air duct system could send your energy bill through the roof. In fact, seven out of ten homes have leaks in their air ducts that can increase energy costs. Tampa Electric's Ductwork program can get your home running more efficiently while improving the quality of air inside.


  • Saves you money – up to 20 percent on your annual heating and cooling costs
  • Improves air quality
  • Minimizes future leaks
  • Increases comfort level

How to participate

A pre-approval inspection by a Tampa Electric energy analyst is required. The analyst will inspect your home's duct system for accessibility and repair needs. 如果得到批准, the analyst will provide you with contact information for the Tampa Electric-approved contractor that serves your area. The contractor will seal all leaks and help minimize future leaks – all for only $125* for each heating & cooling unit installed in your home.

*Extensive repairs will result in additional fees.

呼叫 813-275-3909 weekdays from 8 a.m. 到5点.m. to schedule a pre-approval inspection.

As part of our commitment to ensuring outstanding service, Tampa Electric may contact you to schedule a follow-up inspection after the work is complete.

Additional 资源

Ask for Identification

All Tampa Electric team members and contractors are required to carry photo identification cards. If you are uncertain about an individual's association with Tampa Electric, please 澳门网上真人赌博官网 for verification.